We’re fixing SSL certificates for FREE!

No-one likes to feel insecure. And no-one likes insecure websites. For many years now, websites have used an encrypted transmission protocol called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to transmit information securely over the internet.

A properly installed SSL certificate will ensure that your website displays a padlock in the corner of your address bar, like this:

Padlock showing secure SSL connection

If you don’t have an SSL certificate installed, browsers will show “not secure”, instead of a padlock, massively discouraging users from reading your website and contacting you.

No SSL causes browsers to display “not secure”

If you’re really unlucky, your browser will display the following warning before anyone even gets to your site, essentially meaning that no-one will look at it at all.

HANA XS classic connection (e.g. Cockpit, HALM, Web IDE) is suddenly  reported as “Not Secure” - SAP Blogs | SAP Blogs
Would you visit this website?

Getting an SSL certiciate (technically these days a TLS certificate) is easy and often free. Let’s Encrypt are a non-profit certificate provider who we use for SSL certificates on all our websites, including this one. Once you’ve got your SSL certificate, all you have to do is install it on your server.

Let’s Encrypt provide free SSL certificates

If your website is missing an SSL certificate and showing “not secure”, we’ll fix it for FREE. This is an offer only for osteopaths, because we’ve seen so many osteo sites showing “not secure” when we visit them. You’re really shooting yourself in the foot if visitors to your website show a “not secure” message and, well, we don’t want that, we want them to have confidence in you and become patients.

There’s no obligation and no catch (although you’re welcome to give us a like on Facebook), we just don’t want to see osteopath websites looking amateurish or fishy.

If for any reason we can’t install your certificate for free due to 3rd party charges (i.e. if your hoster only accepts their own paid certificates) then we will let you know what the fees are and you can choose whether to go ahead. However, we will still charge you nothing for our services.

Sound good? Call us to get started or if you have any questions – 0800 054 1178, or contact us. We’re here to help.