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GBP Content Siloing | Local SEO for Physical Therapy

GBP posts are an important part of local search optimisation, but many people don’t make full use of them.

In this post we’ll look at creating local GBP Content Silos, what this means and how to do it.

What is GBP Content Siloing

If you’re marketing physiotherapy services, marketing osteopathy, chiropractic or any other local clinic, GBP content siloing is an important part of your local strategy.

When creating GBP posts it’s already a good idea to link to pages on your website. The ‘learn more’ link in the GBP post below links back to the clinic site for more information, effectively increasing your internal linking and lending a bit of help to your website authority.

However, you can also link GBP posts to each other. Interlinking your posts increases your GBP posts internal linking in the same way you might do so for your website, and will increase the worthiness of the links they contain back to your site, since they act as tier 2 links to the links back to your site.

The clinic above could now create another post mentioning that physiotherapy can also be used for stress relief, linking that text back to this GBP post.

How to Link to a GBP Post

To find the link to your GBP post, simply use the sharing button in the bottom right of the post to open the link.

You can then click to copy the link in the bottom of the share window that appears, and use this link to interlink your GBP posts to each other.

More About Local Content Siloing

Using your GBP is only part of siloing content for SEO. We can create local content silos around our core services and locations, interlinking all our content that focuses on these, building links and Web2.0 geo networks to increase all of our authority. More about all of these in coming posts.

To learn more about local content siloing, you can also see this great post from one of my favourite SEO specialists, BrightLocal.

SEO Services for Physical Therapy

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