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Patient Data NDA

  1. This Non-Disclosure Agreement regards the handling of potentially sensitive information on the part of Us (Red Balloon Web Limited trading as Market Your Clinic Online) for the Client (anyone for whom We are carrying out professional work, in particular IT and marketing work, and in particular medical clinics).
  2. Confidential Information is defined as any information held by the Client to which ordinary members of the public would not normally have access. This includes:
    1. Medical information regarding patients
    2. The names, addresses and contact details of patients or other 3rd parties
    3. Financial and business information regarding the Client
  3. Although our activities are mainly confined to marketing and for most clients it will be unnecessary for us to handle Confidential Information, there are frequently occasions where it is necessary for us to have access to patient data or to potentially sensitive business communication. 
  4. These occasions typically occur when either:
    1. We have access to the Client’s booking system, such as Cliniko or similar, for the purposes of administration and integration
    2. We have access to the Client’s emails for the purposes of server migration, setup or administration.
  5. In any case where We are privy to Confidential Information We agree to abide by the following terms:
    1. We will not at any time, during or after our affiliation with the Client, disclose any Confidential Information to which we have had access, whether in a personal or business context.
    2. We will aim not to access Confidential Information unless absolutely necessary, and access only the minimum amount of data necessary to allow us to carry out our work correctly. 
    3. We will not access Confidential Information for which we have no legitimate business purpose.
    4. We will not contact patients or other 3rd parties using contact details from Confidential Information without the express permission of the Client and it forming part of our legitimate activities to carry out our work.
    5. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure the confidentiality of logins and passwords which allow the access of Confidential Information.
    6. If at any time we have reason to believe such logins and passwords have been compromised, we will take all steps necessary to change and resecure access immediately, and notify the Client of the potential data breach.
    7. We will ensure that any individual or business carrying out work on our behalf, including freelancers or subcontractors, also agree to these terms in writing.