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A new site starts with some ideas on what you want, and a vocabulary to describe it. Do you want something that’s clean? Medical? Holistic? Luxury? Do you like any particular colours or styles? The ideas here will get us started having a conversation, and lead us to the perfect design for you.

Simple and Clear

White and Purple + Nunito font

A very popular physical therapy theme. We see many therapist websites using this theme. The Nunito font is quite rounded and feels softer than most sans-serifs.

White and Clean Images

A simple design with a single accent colour

Veronica Theme

An extremely simple, almost minimalist design

White and Blue

This simple design also features some bolder blue sections

Zelus Theme

A very attractive and clear theme aimed at psychologists

Minimal / Academic

This very minimal design has a very clean and academic feel.

Medical Style

Physiotherapy Theme

Designed for physiotherapy, this theme feels clinical without being too “medical”.

Green Medical

A classic theme with green and blue

Purple Medical

Clean theme with mauve and blue

Bold Blue / Green

A bold blue and green style

Classic Medical

A classic blue-white medical theme

Holistic / Wellness

Creme Background

Creme background with yellow, green and brown

Bold and Clear

Simple theme with a bold colour scheme

Green and Clean

Natural greens


A very clean and simple design featuring citurs colours

Simple Green

Greens and greys in this theme targeting older people’s care

Colour Schemes


A much more feminine colour scheme with lilac and purple colours


A different kind of colour scheme with autumnal orange and brown

Grey / Muted

Muted greys

Secondary Colours

Magenta and cyan feature in this baby-oriented design

Cream and Gold with Serif

A luxury-style theme featuring gold buttons and serif text

Classic / Authoritative

The dark images and wooden colours in this theme, combined with the serif font, feel classic, authoritative and expensive

Innovative Styles

Video Homepage

Video homepages are less popular now than they were a few years ago, but still very good for grabbing attention

Full Page Scroll

A completely different style of website that scrolls from full screen to full screen. Try it!


Adding a sidebar produces a kind of magazine style and makes it easier to display lots of information in one place.

Graphic Animation

This website features graphic animations on the homepage

Left Menu + Gallery

An attention-grabbing luxury-style design with a left-hand menu

Magazine Feel

This theme has a fixed width container. The presentation has a very fashion magazine feel

Contemporary and Fun

Bold Shapes

Contemporary ideas with curved sections and scroll animations

Curved Lines

Curved sections are popular for creating something more contemporary which breaks the squareness of most websites