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Chart of MSK searches for physiotherapy marketing agencies

2024 Keyword Guide – WFH-related Condition Searches Double

We’ve just published our 2024 keyword guide for physical therapy, and there’s some big news!

While keyword volumes in physical therapy tend to stay quite stable year on year, this year there’s been a big increase in local treatment searches for back pain (up 50%), sciatica and neck pain (both up over 100%).

Search Term2023 Monthly UK Search Volume2024 Monthly UK Search Volume
Back pain near me39005990
Sciatica near me19003960
Neck pain near me8302020

A quick look at the charts shows us how this changes the MSK condition search landscape

2023 Results

2024 Results

Whereas before ‘back pain’ and ‘sports injury’ were the two big terms to optimise for, ‘sciatica’ is now a much bigger search, 50% bigger than ‘sports injury’.

With the increase in these three WFH-related searches, WFH content in general looks like a good area to focus in 2024. Expect some dedicated WFH pages on our client sites with advice on staying healthy at your home desk and treatments available if you are in pain.

WFH content is a great opportunity for marketing this year. Many more people can relate to working from home rather than a specific condition, and WFH is a generalist subject rather than a specifically healthcare one. That means we have the opportunity to guest post on a greater pool of blogs, write for a greater variety of publications, and create social media content with a wider appeal.

To get your own copy of the full report, along with our 2023 Physical Therapy Consumer Survey Report, just go here to download.