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This Week in Search – 2 July 2023

SEOs report search volatility

If you’ve found your search rankings to be volatile lately, or that your organic traffic has dropped off, you’re not the only one. Lots of SEOs are reporting the same, especially that Google are not only shaking up rankings but taking up more space at the top of the page with paid ads, meaning less conversions for organic traffic.

This is part of a continuing trend that sees Google changing ranking factors, switching rankings about and generally annoying everyone. The mood in the SEO world is cynical, as many believe Google are doing this purely to increase reliance on paid ads, putting their own revenue above the democratic approach to search that made Google popular in the first place.

Universal Analytics is dead. Long live GA4?

Universal Analytics is now officially obsolete, and Google are gradually phasing out this old and much-loved platform in favour of Google Analytics 4.

The power and sophistication of GA4 means it can do a lot more than before, but complexity comes at the cost of simplicity. If you’re struggling to get used to the new platform, you’re not alone. In a recent survey less than 1 in 4 marketers said had now fully adopted GA4 and had little new to learn. 

That’s professional marketers, so if you’re still scratching your head with GA4, you can be forgiven!

Are you safeguarding your customer data?

More importantly, do your customers know you are?

This recent survey by Google highlighted the importance that consumers put on their data being kept confidential. Many of us can increase the likelihood of conversion if we just assure our customers that their data is kept confidential and isn’t resold, just by stating our policy with our contact form or online booking embed.

We launch our reviews service

We’ve now launched our service to get more reviews for your clinic.

We email your patients asking them to score you from 0-10. Positive scores are redirected to leave a Google or other review, whilst negative reviews are asked for more feedback and asked for a chance to make it right. You can see how it works here.

We’ve also recently launched a new range of SEO services starting at just £79/month, which you can see here.