Free Favicon Service for Osteopaths

A favicon is the little icon that appears next to the name of your website in the address bar. Our favicon is a blue square with our spine logo on it.

Our favicon is a blue square with our spine logo

If you don’t have a favicon installed, browsers will show a generic icon instead. It’s not the end of the world, it just doesn’t look as professional and you miss out on the chance to add a little attention to detail to your site.

The tab on the right is from a local copy of our website with no favicon installed. The browser shows a little generic globe instead

Getting a favicon on your site is simple, we just create one, upload it and add a few lines of code. These days, it’s usually even simpler than that. If your site is WordPress, you can just upload a picture and WordPress will take care of the rest. Just go to appearance > customise > site identity.

WordPress allows to quickly upload a favicon

Most website frameworks allow you to add a favicon without having to add any code and provide online instructions – how to add a favicon to Wix. How to add a favicon to Weebly

To create a favicon for your site, there are many online services which will create a favicon from a graphic or logo for free. My favourite is is one of many favicon generation services

If your site needs a favicon, we’ll create one for you and get it installed on your site for free. Just drop us a line to get started. Please note this service is only available to osteopaths.