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Osteopathy and Me

I have been a regular osteopathy patient for over 20 years. I first visited an Osteopath for lower back pain and over the years have been back with a million different sports injuries, and with RSI that hurt from my fingertip to my ear.

Osteopaths, like all therapists, have a problem finding designers who really understand what they do and how to market it. Non-specialists create generic websites which are a poor reflection of what you do, and SEO agencies are queuing up to sell you cookie-cutter services with little regard to whether they’re appropriate to your needs.

I offer website and SEO services from someone who understands what you do and is experienced in marketing it. I have ranked my Osteopath clients first on Google, written for Osteopathy Today, spoken about SEO on the Osteobizness Podcast, and am experienced in working with the ASA to ensure approval of osteopath website text. Book a Free Web Review to discuss marketing your practice and what I can do to help you. 

Exhibiting at The Therapy Expo with Websites for Osteopaths in 2021

My Design

I offer both bespoke and pre-made website design.
I’m adding to my portfolio all the time, so please contact me to see previous work and various design options.

Osteopathy SEO

From my free SEO Guide

I’m an expert on physical therapy SEO and author of the Manual Therapy SEO Reference Guide.

I’m always happy to advise you on your website optimisation and SEO opportunities, starting with a Free Web Review to look at your unique situation and the options available to you.

You might also be interested in my Guide to Healthcare SEO, and how I ranked a London Osteopath #1 for back pain, or read more about SEO services on my SEO page.

Copywriting for Osteopathy

I specialise in writing effective text for therapy websites. You can read some of my advice in 79 of the most powerful phrases to describe your clinic, or read 5 tips for writing for your osteopathy website.

I guarantee ASA compliance and submit all osteopathic copy to the ASA for approval before publication.

If you’d like to see some of my writing, please get in touch.

Free Web Review

Why not start with a Free Web Review. In a half-hour Zoom call we’ll look at your current website and SEO and answer any questions you have. I’ll also run some free reports on your site for you to keep.