Osteopathy and Me

I have been a regular osteopathy patient for over 20 years. I first visited an osteopath for lower back pain and over the years have been back with a million different sports injuries, and with RSI that hurt from my fingertip to my ear.

As a digital marketer and web developer, osteopathy was a natural choice when I first decided to specialise in healthcare. For the first two years I traded as Websites for Osteopaths, which gave me invaluable experience in working with the profession.

In summer 2022 Osteopathy Today published an article I wrote on Facebook marketing for osteopaths, following research I did on osteopaths who were successfully marketing themselves on social media.

Exhibiting at The Therapy Expo with Websites for Osteopaths

Marketing Osteopathy

Osteopathy marketing is a fascinating area

Finding ways to describe osteopathy which explain what osteopaths do and what they treat, appealing to potential patients and all the time staying within ASA guidelines is an art in itself, which I’ve written about in 5 tips for writing your osteopathy website and 79 of the most powerful phrases to describe your clinic

The terms you choose to optimise your website for search engines are also crucial. Simply offering a back pain clinic rather than back pain treatment can make a huge difference in search, as I explain in this post on local vs informational search intent. At the heart of this is knowing what people are searching for. I’ve reseached this at great length and publish all my data in the Manual Therapy SEO Reference Guide, which you can purchase on Amazon or download for free.

Social media is also a powerful tool to market your practice and something I’m using more and more. I wanted to know how the most successful osteopaths were marketing their clinics on social media, so I interviewed two of them and wrote a case study on 2 osteopaths who get over 70% of their business through Facebook. I’ve also written a guide to controlling how your website looks when shared on social media.

Where Now?

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