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Make Social Media Work for Your Practice

Physio First Magazine
June 2023

3 case studies from leading physiotherapy clinics on how they use social media to grow their business

Optimising Your Clinic Website in 2023

Osteopathy Today
March 2023

A discussion and how-to guide on modern SEO and how to optimise your clinic website in 2023

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How to Target Niche Markets for Search Optimisation

Co-Kinetic Journal
January 2023

A data-driven explanation on how to target niche search markets like ‘back pain’ or ‘knee pain’.

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Demystifying Physical Therapy SEO

Osteobiz Podcast
October 2022

An extensive discussion on modern SEO for physical therapists, the misconceptions and pitfalls.

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How to Use Content to Boost Your SEO

Co-Kinetic Journal
October 2022

Understanding the role that content plays in SEO, discussing condition pages, blog posts and the SEO process

Using Social Media Successfully

Osteopathy Today
June 2022

Case studies on two osteopaths who find 70% of their new patients from social media, and guide for social media success.