Welcome to Websites for Osteopaths

Who We Are

Websites for Osteopaths was started by me, Chris Dann. I’m a web developer and marketer who builds websites and manages SEO campaigns for small businesses.


My background is originally as a musician. I studied music at university and went on to start the Cherry Pie Music School in South West London. I ran Cherry Pie for 12 years, growing it to be the biggest school of its type in the UK and winning the London Borough of Merton ‘Startup Business of the Year’ award.

I eventually sold the school to concentrate on performing, and as I approached the big four-o I decided it was time to start making a living a different way. I’ve always built websites – for my school, for bands I’ve played with and for private clients – so I threw myself into studying web design, coding and SEO, and started selling websites through my main brand, Red Balloon Web.

Why Websites for Osteopaths?

I’m very sporty and have visited an osteopath on and off for over 20 years. Starting with postural problems as a result of childhood athsma, and then with all kinds of sporting injuries including a torn rotator cuff, plantar fasciitis, calf injuries, and more recently RSI from my fingertip to my ear, which had got so bad one shoulder had become visibly higher than the other. I’ve run 2 marathons and many half marathons and often find myself back at my osteo with various pains and twinges.

I came to osteopathy last, having first of all tried my GP, NHS referrals and every single muscle ache remedy the pharmacy has to offer. Osteopaths have never failed to fix me and give me exercises and stretches that work, a world apart from the useless advice I’ve always received from GPs and pharmacists. For me it’s a miracle profession that has allowed me to live a fit and active life rather than one riddled with backache and injuries.

I was shocked to discover that my own osteopath didn’t even have a website and wondered how many others were missing out, so I started Websites for Osteopaths with the hope of increasing the visibility of more osteopaths, creating more successful practitioners and more happy patients.

What Services Do You Offer?

My paid services are websites, and local and national SEO. But I’m also here to help in general with any advice and help you might need with your website or digital marketing. I can afford to offer a bit more for free for osteopaths because I’m serving a smaller community than when I market to “anyone”.

I offer a free web review to everyone, which looks at your current SEO scores, tech SEO, website, Google My Business and what you can do to increase your rankings. Most of the free review covers things you can do yourself – the idea isn’t to sell to every person that requests one but to provide useful information and to grow my reputation, so osteopaths know that I know what I’m doing and provide a professional service. If you find it useful all I ask is that you tell someone else.

There are free guides on the site for osteopaths to help if you’re marketing your own practice, and I’m more than happy for people to get in touch if you want to ask any questions or discuss anything. Also of course I’ll be providing lots of information in this blog, and sharing it via our Facebook page and mailing list.

Do You Work with Anyone Else?

Yes. I’m a firm believer in taking ideas and advice from as many qualified people as I can and my network is invaluable to doing a first-rate job.

I’m very lucky to be connected with Uzma Amin, who has an MA in Healthcare Marketing and currently works at healthcare provider Sciensus, having previously worked in marketing for the Harley Street Clinic. Uzma is a close friend who is always happy to look over websites, marketing copy and so on and give her advice, and her healthcare specialism is invaluable when creating websites for osteopaths. Connect with Uzma on LinkedIn.

Uzma Amin

My main partner in crime on a daily basis is Jayni Shah, a developer who helps me with building websites and with coding problems where two heads are better than one. We are both coders first and foremost and having someone I can talk technical with makes my days go a lot better. Jayni is also a fantastic WordPress architect, and has often saved me hours of time reinventing the wheel when I want to code something someone else has already done.

Jayni Shah

I’m also lucky enough to be on close terms with a few incredible graphic designers, all of whom have worked for major international brands and generally charge several thousand to design a website before anyone even starts coding it. I can’t afford their services within my pricing model (although if you want to spend upwards of 5k on a website do let me know) but all are happy to cast an eye over my designs and give feedback and advice, which has been invaluable in learning to create attractive and functional websites.

How Do I Get in Touch?

Drop me a line via the contact form, or call us on 0800 054 1178 and ask for Chris. I’m always happy to have a chat and make a new contact, so don’t hesitate.