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Existing Websites

We can help you with your current website. Whether you need a few quick updates, or you want a visual refresh or SEO services, we’ll be happy to help.

If you have technical issues, we are WordPress experts and experienced coders, and can help with error messages, hack repair or any other tech issues. We bill by the hour and no job is too small.

If you are thinking about a visual overhaul for your site, please drop us a line so we can take a look at your site, chat about your ideas and give you a quote.

And if you’re considering SEO work, book a Free Web Review. We’ll run some SEO reports on your site and talk you through where you currently are, and what services might be right for you at this stage.

Free Web Review

In a 30-minute Zoom call we’ll discuss your current website and SEO, including free reports on your current site, and answer any questions you have about your site and Google rankings. 

We Can Help With...


Need something updated or removed or some new material added? We're here for anything from a quick text update through to getting new pages designed and out there quickly. We have a responsive service and no job is too small.

Graphic Design

Want to change the look of your site without getting a brand new one? Let's talk about some new ideas for your site. We can make quick design improvements to your current website that don't need to cost the earth.

Mobile Friendliness

If you like your current website but want it to look better on mobiles, we can do it. Around 50% of your patients will be using a mobile device to view your site, so we take mobile experience just as importantly as desktop.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you're considering SEO services for your site, you might like to book a Free Web Review. We'll prepare some reports on your website and current SEO performance, answer all your questions and discuss any services that might be useful to you at your current stage and budget.

Niche Copywriting

Finding the right words to describe your practice is hard. We can write text for your site that hits the right tone, and appeals to patients whilst accurately explaining what you do. And rest assured your text is ASA-approved - we submit everything we write* as a matter of course.
* ASA allows free assessment of 2000 words (4 pages of A4) per business/website.

Technical Issues

If you're getting error messages or white screen, if you need a server migration or an SLL (browser padlock), if your website has been hacked or any other developer issues, please contact us. We're experienced coders and will get you shipshape fast.


Need plugins updated, backups made, problems fixed, maybe just someone to give your website an MOT? We can make sure your website is up-to-date and secure, and review it at intervals of your choice.

Need Advice?

You may know exactly what you need done on your website, you tell us and we get it done. If it’s something quick like a text change or a logo removed, we can normally do it the same day.

Often though, you may need some more information before knowing what to do with your website or SEO. If that sounds like you then drop us a line. We’ll answer all your questions and help you find the right service for you.

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