Whether it's website text, mailout, leaflet or anything else, writing effective sales copy is hard. Writing about your own business is even harder.

I write clear and appealing copy that speaks your patients' language. I guarantee compliance with ASA guidelines and will submit finished text for review.

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5 Tips on writing copy for your osteopathic practice

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Appealing sales copy draws in new patients

Graphic Design

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I can help you with a range of digital and print design

I can help you with graphic and digital design. My main graphic skill is designing websites, but I can also help you with flyers, business cards, display ads, social media posts and so on.

I can also advise you on preparing and setting-up artwork for print or for digital use.

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Graphic design for your osteopathic practice

Social Media

We all use social media, but many practitioners wonder how to leverage it to gain new patients.

Paid social media services are generally applicable to larger practices. Social media is your human face and will be more powerful in the early days if you and your team are posting about daily life and sharing resources you've found useful.

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Two osteopaths who get over 70% of their business from Facebook: Case Study

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Some practices get most of their patients from social media

Something Else?

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Try me. If I can help you I will

Do you need a service or skill I haven't listed? A few other things I have experience with include:

  • Clinic management software (Jane, Cliniko, etc)
  • Mailing list administration
  • Paid Google and social media ads
  • Email and server administration
  • Video production

Try me, if I can't help you I'll try to point you in the diretion of someone who can.

Free Web Review

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Want to know how you could do more online? Let's take a look. In a free half-hour video call we'll look at your website and search rankings and discuss how you could attract and convert more visitors online.

We'll help you to understand the role of different web and marketing services and what might be right for you. We'll give you all the information you need if you want to take it further, with no hard sell.

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