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Clinic Growth Pro Marketing Package

With so many clinics producing great material to engage and retain their patients, professional marketing is no longer just a nice to have but crucial to the success of your business. 

Our Clinic Growth Pro Marketing Subscription is designed for the busy clinic owner who needs to present a professional and modern image of their practice to potential patients, growing their patient base and keeping them engaged with quality material.

We take care of everything with daily social media posts, professionally produced and peer-reviewed information sheets, landing pages, blog posts, mailouts and seasonal campaigns. We present a premium image of your business while you focus on treating patients, all at an affordable monthly fee with no tie-in.

Daily social media posts
Managed campaigns draw in new patients

Fully Managed Marketing Service

You do your patients, we'll do your marketing

Geographical Exclusivity

While we're marketing your practice, no-one else in your area can use our service

Targeted Monthly Campaigns

Choose from a wide range of engaging monthly themes

Daily Social Media Posts

Beautifully designed and in line with your current campaign

And Much More...

Monthly blog post, mailing list management, clinic posters, vouchers, ready-made event templates and more are all available as part of your subscription

Included in Your Subscription

Daily Social Media Posts

Engage your followers with beautifully produced, daily social media posts on your current montly topic

Engaging Monthly Blog Posts

A useful, peer-reviewed blog post on the current monthly topic, personalised to your clinic and with links to your sign-up page.

Information Sheet Lead Magnets

Every month a range of expertly produced information sheets on your current monthly topic, which new followers can download when they sign up to your list. 

Email Sign Up and Lead Magnet Delivery Pages

Potential patients follow a link from your social media posts and blogs to an appealing sign-up page to add their email and download your information sheets

Mailout to Your Existing List

Existing subscribers receive an engaging monthly email with links to download this month’s material

Clinic Posters

Posters reinforcing your monthly theme which can be easily printed online (note a small printing cost applies)

Ready-Made Events and Webinars

Run events or webinars to really boost your outreach and profile, with ready-made event templates and powerpoints on your monthly theme. Event promotion is also available as an addon

Professional funnel grows and engages your followers

Additional Options

A range of additional options to suit your goals and budget

SEO Monitoring

Monitoring and coaching to see your clinic’s SEO reach and key terms, including monthly strategy meeting and SEO work


We’ll turn your website into a powerhouse for attracting and converting patients with this monthly addon


Boost your outreach and network with paid social media ads, and proactive local network and referral building

Event Promotion

Management and promotion of the events included in your core package. The surest way to raise your profile!

Not all services are suitable for everyone. For example website strategy is not relevant if you already have a content-packed website, and monitoring will not improve your SEO without additional SEO work which you can either pay for or we can coach you to do as part of the service. Get in touch using the form below and we’ll discuss the right package to suit your clinic’s particular goals and resources.

Learn More

Curious to know more? Contact us for a Zoom chat. We’ll show you available monthly themes and some of the content that will make up your marketing, and discuss the most appropriate options for your goals.

We’re proud to offer this service in association with Co-Kinetic.

Started by a physiotherapist who believed that practitioners deserved better marketing, Co-Kinetic are leaders in creating beautiful and engaging marketing materials for physical therapy clinics. 

Co-Kinetic’s marketing materials are created by top designers, and their content, blog posts and factsheets are all peer-reviewed to ensure you’re always offering your patients top quality, useful content.

Much Co-Kinetic material is available exclusively through us, creating an all-in-one solution for premium clinic marketing at an affordable price.