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Web Coaching and Tuition

Whether to save money, stay in control, or to enjoy designing your own site, many people like to build and manage their own website. However, it can be a frustrating process when you first start, leaving you stuck and unable to achieve what you wanted to do, or unsure if you’ve done everything right or if you’ve missed some important SEO optimisation behind the scenes. We offer coaching over Zoom on any aspect of your website or SEO for those who want to do it themselves, helping you build and maintain your website with complete confidence.

Free Web Review

In a 30-minute Zoom call we’ll discuss your current website and SEO, looking at any areas you want to consider and your possibilities for moving forward.

Build Your Own Website

For those first starting out who want to build their own website, we have a special package where we will set you up a basic WordPress site with a page builder plugin enabling you to build you build your own website quickly. Over a series of 4 1-hour sessions we’ll then show you how to build your site, add images, forms and manus, and how to make it mobile responsive and ensure proper search engine optimisation.

Expert Advice

Advice from an experienced designer and web coder

Website Building

Design and build your own web pages and image

Mobile Site

Learn how to make your site adapt for mobile devices


Understand the basics of SEO and apply them to your site

Technical Issues

Understand HTML, CSS and the technical side of your site

Friendly Tuition

Personable and structured help from a friendly human

Free SEO Book

Do you know what your patients are searching for? We do! Download The Manual Therapy SEO Reference Guide.