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I originally started Market Your Clinic Online as Websites for Osteopaths. I’ve had lots of osteopathic treatment so when I first decided to specialise in healthcare osteopathy was a natural choice. My advice on Facebook marketing has also been published in Osteopathy Today.

Chiropractors face the same problem as osteopaths in that non-specialists create generic websites and marketing that does not accurately reflect who you are or what you do. Images with stethoscopes or copywriting which is misleading, or at worst contrary to ASA guidelines, is unappealing to patients and disappointing to you.

It’s essential that your website is designed by someone who understands your sector and is experienced in promoting it. Your SEO also needs to be done by someone who knows what your patients are searching for and the most profitable terms to optimise for. That’s where I come in.

Exhibiting at The Therapy Expo in 2021 with Websites for Osteopaths

Chiropractic Website Design

A clean web design

There are a variety of approaches to chiropractic web design depending on the kind of image you want to project for your clinic or practice. 

At one end of the scale, you might prefer a more medical design, the sort used by doctors and hospitals. Or you might go for a clean design like the one shown here, either with pictures of you and your clinic, or with representative images, say of people doing sports or otherwise looking healthy. Those who are more concerned with wellness in general might go for a more holistic-feeling design. And some centres offering a variety of therapies might prefer a more luxury feel.

You can see examples of all these kinds of websites and ideas over on our website inspiration page, and start to get a feel for exactly the sort of site that would suit your practice.

Chiropractic SEO

The most popular niche chiropractic searches are adjustmentpregnancy, sports, emergency and TMJ, but most people searching chiropractic treatment simply search for chiropractor plus their location or “near me”. Your principal website and Google Business optimisations will be for your business name, chiropractic/or, and your location(s).

If you want to be found in more searches, you can also target individual conditions like those in the graph. The most profitable markets are sports injury and back pain, but arthritisscoliosis and neck pain are also really good optimisations for chiropractors.

We’ve written a guide to optimising for conditions and a case study on how we got one of our clients to the top of Google using this method.

Chiropractic Copywriting

Ask to see our copywriting

Writing text for your clinic site which is appealing to potential patients, accurately explains what you do, and complies with ASA guidelines, is an art all in itself. We specialise in writing effective text for therapy websites. You can read some of our advice in 79 of the most powerful phrases to describe your clinic, or read 5 tips for writing for your osteopathy website – all the same advice applies to chiropractic.

Also, please feel free to ask to see some of our copywriting and we’ll send links to live sites that we’ve written the text for.

Where Now?

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